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5th Annual National Event









With love, BOTB

As we open the doors to our digital home, we are filled with gratitude and a heart full of thanks for the incredible journey of the last 5 years. Your support has been the guiding force behind our growth, and we are honored to continue being a part of so many families' lives.

At Belle of the Ball, we're not just a pageant system; we're a family. It's the laughter, the shared triumphs, and the moments that define us. Together, we've created lasting connections that go beyond the stage.

Thank you for choosing Belle of the Ball and allowing us to be a cherished part of your journey. Here's to many more years of creating unforgettable memories together!

Nationals through the years..



  • Belle of the Ball was one of the first natural national level pageants we attended. My daughter just turned 2 years old and despite the tantrums on stage and the general confusion that comes with having a toddler at a pageant, I was overwhelmed with the amount of support provided by the BOTB pageant. Each time we walked off stage, there was a option for her to get a toy.  Even though that day was not one of our better days, we walked out of there with a crown, a sash, and a cash award for the title. I like to think this positive reinforcement and encouragement is one of the major reasons we stuck with pageants and my daughter has grown fond of pageantry.
  • We love the family atmosphere of Belle of the Ball. We have traveled around the country for pageants and yet the positive atmosphere, the cheering of each contestant on and off the stage at Belle of the ball is unmatched. While we are honored to have been royalty for this system we are most honored to have a family within this system from check in all the way on after. We love to see this system grow and be a part of it. Lyla loves all the gifts she receives after getting offstage and Livia loves the party with all her friends. We love being a part of the belle of the ball pageant family.
    Lyla and Liv
  • Belle of the Ball has always been in our hearts because it was our first Pageant when Gianna was just 4! Gianna pulled a title so it encouraged us to keep going! She had so much fun she wanted more. Our first Nationals ever was always with Belle of the Ball. We had so much fun and she also pulled a title, forever happy and grateful to have started off our journey with Belle of the Ball. It was so fun and the gifts and crowns were fabulous.
  • We love belle of the ball pageants! They give great gifts that your kids can choose from which gives the kids something to look forward to after they do a good job on stage. They treat you like family and answer any questions you have. We will always attend belle of the bell events it's an affordable fun family weekend!
  • Belle of the Ball is one of my favorite systems! The directors always go above and beyond to make sure all the contestants have their questions answered beforehand. They have amazing prizes. My personal favorites include the makeup pallets I have to hide from my Mom! I always have the best time with my friends turned pageant family at Belle of the Ball!
  • My grand daughter, Brooklynn, grew to love pageants during Covid when most were online but had a true interest in wanting to step on an actual stage. We came across Belle of the Ball and thought would give it a try as not to expensive for a pageant with all that the contestants got to enjoy, various items received, and every contestant received a beautiful crown. Brooklynn was not as experienced as many of the other girls and very shy on stage but that did not matter in any aspect. The level of encouragement especially when she took the stage from other families was top notch. The overall experience not only Brooklynn had but the family as well could never be put fully into words but it was truly all positive and exceeded our expectations. Brooklynn now anxiously awaits the next pageant and with each one her confidence increases. She also wants to grow her skill and participation in other categories each time to eventually try larger pageant systems as well (though know this will always be her favorite). The staff take the time to listen to parents and contestants feedback in planning each pageant. It is a very well planned out event that is unique from the past ones held. Every pageant held is nothing short of memorable events that include not just the contestant but the family as well. Whether a first-time contestant or seasoned one, the way you are treated is no different - you are family. Parents are willing to step in and help a contestant if needed from forgotten items, stage help, and list goes on.  You can see the goal of the pageant is to not just compete but make new friends, gain more experience and most of all have fun making lots of memories. Everyone with Belle of the Ball is a winner and made to feel like one.
    B. Oswald
  • My grand daughter, Melody, is on the Autism Spectrum and she wanted to participate in a pageant like her cousin who had recently done her first Belle of the Ball pageant and was planning for the next one. We were very hesitant to do this as we were not sure how much (and if) she would participate or if the loud noises and crowd would be to much for her to handle.  We talked with the staff ahead of time of our concerns and they were so amazing in making this a fun and memorable experience with as little stress as possible not just on Melody but the family as well. Melody had so much fun and beyond proud of herself that she has since done another Belle of the Ball Pageant where she showed more confidence in her level of participation and keeps asking when the next one is. It is not to often that you find pageant staff and even the families involved that go above and beyond in accepting everyone regardless and show a level of understanding and more importantly acceptance. When Belle of the Ball says that this is a family pageant they truly mean that!
    M. Baylor