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Join us our 5th annual National event!

Join us for an unforgettable weekend filled with laughter, excitement, and a touch of glamour as we celebrate five fabulous years of Belle of the Ball Pageants! With the incredible Mr. Tim and the lovely Miss Brittany as our emcees, get ready for a weekend jam-packed with thrilling activities, stunning custom crowns, and a treasure trove of surprises that will leave you in awe. But that's not all – reunite with old friends and embrace the warmth of the BOTB family as we come together for this special milestone. Don't miss out on the magic – register now and let's make unforgettable memories together!

On Stage Events

Evening Wear

60 seconds

The Evening Wear segment is your time to radiate elegance and grace. The key is to complement your unique style and personality, selecting colors that enhance your features and presence on the stage.

While routines are optional, they can add a touch of individuality without overshadowing the elegance of your evening wear.

Our judging criteria emphasize facial beauty, so let your radiant confidence shine. Stage presence is equally vital; exude grace and poise throughout your time in the spotlight. Remember, the overall appeal encompasses the harmonious blend of your dress, your captivating presence, and the stage itself.

Music will set the tone, provided by Mr. Tim. 

Timeless Elegance Wear

60 seconds

Get ready to step into a world of vintage charm and sophistication at our upcoming runway event, where the theme is "Timeless Elegance." This is no ordinary fashion show – it's a celebration of styles spanning decades, inviting you to showcase your favorite looks from the past in a fun and playful way. Whether you're rocking a sleek tailored suit reminiscent of the '60s, channeling the roaring '20s with a flapper-inspired ensemble adorned with pearls, or bringing the '50s back with a classic A-line dress, the runway is your canvas to express your unique sense of timeless glamour.

Picture yourself in the iconic styles of Audrey Hepburn, the suave sophistication of James Bond, or the glitz and glam of the Gatsby era.



90 seconds

Imagine strutting down the runway embodying your beloved TV character or channeling the vibrancy of a candy that brings back sweet memories. Perhaps you want to pay homage to an iconic performer whose style has influenced generations. The OOC segment is your canvas to paint a vivid picture of the extraordinary, the fantastical, and the utterly fabulous. 


Casual Wear

60 seconds

In this portion of the pageant, our contestants redefine glamour by seamlessly blending relaxation with runway-ready fashion. Each outfit tells a story of individual style, confidence, and the art of making a statement effortlessly.

Need some fresh ideas? Think Denim on denim, weekend getaway, athleisure chic, or relaxed bohemian. Get creative! 

Off Stage Events

The interview portion at Nationals is a fantastic opportunity to let your personality shine. It's nothing to stress about; questions can be as light as your favorite color or as meaningful as why you aspire to win Belle of the Ball. This segment is your chance to share the unique aspects of yourself, your interests, and your aspirations with the judges. Remember to be genuine, confident, and enjoy the chance to let them get to know the wonderful person you are!

Attire: You will go to interview directly following evening wear. You will remain in your gown.

*Every contestant at Nationals gets one free entry of Natural Fresh off the Camera (no edit) and Natural Edit.

Natural Fresh off the Camera Headshots (No Editing Allowed):
1. Submit a headshot that is untouched and unedited, straight from your camera/phone.
2. Ensure the photo accurately represents your natural features without any retouching, filters, or alterations.
3. Use natural lighting to highlight your facial features, avoiding harsh shadows or overly artificial lighting.
4. Wear minimal makeup to showcase your authentic look.

Natural Edit Headshots:
1. Light edits to enhance natural features without significant alterations allowed.
2. Adjust brightness, contrast, and color balance subtly to improve the overall quality of the photo.
3. Retouch minor imperfections while preserving the essence of your natural appearance.
4. Maintain a balance – avoid excessive airbrushing or manipulation that significantly changes your facial features.
5. Focus on enhancing the photo's aesthetics while staying true to your authentic self.


You've got talent? It's time to unleash your extraordinary skills! Submit your talent video online by May 20th, and our judges will handpick the top 3 finalists set to steal the spotlight in our live competition on Saturday Evening hosted by Mr. Tim. We're not just looking for competitors; we're on the hunt for the next shining star! Your submissions will be scored off of creativity, skill, and overall presentation. The journey doesn't end there – our finalists are on a quest for the crown, a glamorous sash, and a prize package that'll make your heart sing with joy. Seize this golden opportunity to be crowned Miss Talent of Belle of the Ball – this isn't just a pageant; it's your moment to sparkle, shine, and take center stage like never before!
Lights, camera, action! Do you have what it takes to be the Belle of the Ball's Miss Actress? Attention all aspiring actresses, it's your time to shine in the spotlight. Grab the camera, film your submission clip, and showcase your acting prowess. The top 3 standout performances will be chosen to compete live for the prestigious national title. Get ready to dazzle the audience, captivate the judges, and vie for the crown, sash, and a fabulous prize package as you strive to become the ultimate Miss Actress of Belle of the Ball Pageant Nationals. It's your moment to step into the limelight and make your mark on the stage!
Step into the spotlight with Queen & I – where the runway becomes a celebration of the extraordinary women who inspire confidence and style! It's not just a fashion show; it's a strut of empowerment. Bring your BFF, your mom, or even your trusty American Girl doll – whoever empowers you to own the stage. But here's the twist: submit a video of your fabulous walk, and our panel of judges, with a keen eye for regal charisma, will select the top 3 duos to compete live at Nationals! Join us as we redefine the catwalk, where every step is a tribute to the queens who empower us. And mark my words – at Queen & I Nationals, one duo will reign supreme and be crowned with regal glory. So, strut, slay, and submit those videos for a chance to rule the runway with your royal squad!
Leading with Positivity on Social Media: Miss Spirit represents the essence of positive energy and enthusiasm leading up to the Nationals. Contestants vying for this title showcase their spirit by actively engaging in uplifting and encouraging social media posts related to the pageant. Their online presence reflects the joy and excitement surrounding the event, embodying the spirit of Belle of the Ball. (Please message us on Facebook whenever you post or tag us so we can ensure we see it)
Dedicated to Giving Back: This title celebrates contestants who go above and beyond in making a positive impact on their communities. To be eligible, participants submit an excerpt detailing their community service efforts, emphasizing the impact they've had on others. The winner of Miss Community Service is recognized for their outstanding dedication to making a difference and inspiring change. Sharing Stories of Service: Throughout the journey leading up to Nationals, contestants for Miss Community Service actively share their service stories on social media, tagging the pageant. This not only contributes to the positive image of the pageant but also inspires others to get involved in community service. (Please message us on Facebook whenever you post or tag us so we can ensure we see it)
Exemplifying Kindness and Camaraderie: Miss Congeniality is the embodiment of kindness, friendliness, and genuine camaraderie during the weekend of the Belle of the Ball Pageant Nationals. Contestants eligible for this title are voted on by their peers, staff, family and friends emphasizing the positive relationships formed during the event. Weekend of Grace: Miss Congeniality shines during the actual pageant weekend, displaying grace, support, and a friendly spirit towards fellow contestants. This title is a testament to the importance of building lasting connections and fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere throughout the competition.

Optional Event Submissions and Payment

    After you pay for the optional events of Talent, Actress and Queen & I, please remember your submission is not complete til you send your video in. In the subject field it must say contestants name and age. Submissions: [email protected]

Room Block Information

Doubles are now SOLD OUT! King and Jr Suites still available.
Double Tree by Hilton Fairfield Hotel & Suites
Group Name: Nationals 2024
Arrival: 5/31/2024 Departure: 6/2/2024
$179 Jr Suites
To take advantage of this special rate offer, please call 844-335-2364 and mention "Nationals 2024" or follow the link below input the "Dates of Stay" and in the 'Special Rates' tab add Group Code 93E.

Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer!
1What's included at check-in?
At check-in, your contestant receives a personalized robe, party tee, snack bag, unique contestant number, a thoughtful parent gift, a national folder with event details, and some surprise extras to enhance the overall experience. It's our way of ensuring a warm and memorable start to their weekend!
2Are glitz cupcake dresses allowed?
3What should I wear for crowning?
For the crowning ceremony, the dress code is elegantly simple. Contestants are invited to wear any white dress, romper, or jumpsuit paired with nude heels or flats. This attire choice aims to create a cohesive and timeless aesthetic, allowing the focus to be on the crowning moment and the radiance of the participants.
4Is a routine required to win?
No, a routine is not necessary to win. Judges focus on key attributes during the beauty portion, such as poise, confidence, eye contact, personality, attire, hair/makeup, and smile. While a well-rounded performance can enhance a contestant's overall appeal, the emphasis is on showcasing these qualities authentically. A genuine display of confidence and individuality during the beauty portion can make a lasting impression, contributing significantly to a contestant's chances of a title.
5Can I use a modeling routine?
Certainly! While it's not required, you are welcome to incorporate a modeling routine as you engage with the judges. Feel free to showcase your unique style, personality, and confidence through your modeling routine, making the beauty portion a memorable and captivating experience for both you and the judges.
6Can my 13-month old participate in the interview portion?
Absolutely! We've arranged toys in the room to make it fun for your little one during the interaction with judges. We want it to feel like playtime, so they can be themselves!
7Can I go on stage with my 3 year old?
Yes, absolutely! For the age groups that fall within 0-3, you are welcome to go on stage with your 3-year-old daughter for her performance. We understand the importance of providing support and comfort for our youngest participants, and having a parent on stage could help ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for both the child and the family. Enjoy the special moment together!
8When do I get my scores?
You can expect to receive your scores at the end of the crowning ceremony. It's important to pick them up before leaving the event because, if not collected, they will not be sent to you. This ensures that participants can promptly access their scores and feedback for the weekend's activities.